Law Professor Web Services ("LPWS") was formed to provide assistance to law professors in the use of the Internet to disseminate the fruits of their scholarship and teaching. The two principals of LPWS — Paul Caron and Joe Hodnicki — have created, designed, developed, and marketed the following successful Internet scholarly and teaching ventures.
  • The Law Professor Blogs Network, a network of over 20 blogs which provide permanent resources & links and daily news & information of interest to faculty in various areas of the law school curriculum.

  • Leiter's Law School Rankings, which is the Internet's leading source of law school rankings information.

  • Tax Stories, a website with online resources (e.g., briefs, transcripts and audio tapes of oral arguments) to accompany the book of the same title published by Foundation Press.

Please contact us if we can assist you in the design, development, and marketing of your scholarship and teachings on the Internet.

Paul L. Caron
Charles Hartsock Professor of Law
Director of Faculty Projects
University of Cincinnati College of Law

Joseph A. Hodnicki
Associate Director for Library Operations
University of Cincinnati College of Law

Representative Projects